Domino Farm - Domino Trains able to Turn top-Loader Domino Truck Christmas Gift

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  1. Premium material: The toys are made by high quality plastic, non-toxic and tasteless, against strong and unbreakable, rounded corners to ensure your children play safely.
  2. Simple operation: Children need to install dominoes for the card holder, and insert it into the slot on the roof of the car, which is conducive to cultivating the children's practical ability.
  3. Combination of work and rest: One-click to start the train, automatically advance and release dominoes at the same time, push and fall, can enhance children's observation ability.
  4. Enhance friendship: We have 101 dominoes and one catapults that can be used to eject domino, you can play games with your friends to increase the feelings between your friends.
  5. Multifunctional: Domino chain reaction for children and adults both have appeal. Develop children's athletic ability and teamwork ability. It also allows children and parents to spend happy parent-child time.
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