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  1. ◆◆ More humane design of the vegetable chopper: In all the choppers on the market, you need to touch with the blade while cleaning and installing, but in this latest version, we designed a magnet stone on the lid, so that you don’t need to touch with the blade at all when cleaning and installing.
  2. ◆◆ Great for little food: Have you ever had a problem with the smallest in the market when you only need a small a mount of minced garlic? Now we have the latest chopper for you, it only 170 ml, It is great for a garlic, a pepper, a green onion, a slice of ginger and even a little food for little baby.
  3. ◆◆ Easy to use: After install the blade, put the food into the lid, and then lock the transparent bowl, pull the sting 5-8 times, tap the chopper on the table, then all the food fall into the bowl, that is, so easy!
  4. ◆◆Food safe Material: The blades are made from 420 stainless steel, it is very sharp, other parts are made from BPA free plastic.
  5. ◆◆ Our Policy: We provide not only good products, but also good services. Our policy is to make our customers 100% satisfied. If you have any problem, just feel free to contact with us!
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