LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller, Electronic Anti Barking Stop Bark Handheld 3 in 1 Pet Dog Trainer with Flashlight, Dog Training Device/Dog Deterrent/Training Tool/Stop Barking

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【Ultrasound Function】This product is mainly used for ultrasonic dog driving equipment in outdoor environments to prevent attacks by dogs. Based on the theory that ultrasound, the dog trainer can effectively train your dogs to be obedient and stop some unwanted behaviors, such as barking, digging, chewing and more..
【Safe to Humans & Harmless to Dogs】Completely safe and does not harm dogs. No liquid propellant is used; thus being the most humane way to protect you from aggressive dogs. Note: Do not use it against the human ear..
【LED Flashlight Function】The blinking of the super bright LED can also make the dog clear the source and position of the sound, so as to understand that the weapon in your hand is against it. The longer you stay in this position, the greater the damage to him, and the hurry to leave..
【Easy To Operate】Open the battery cover and then put 1 piece 9V battery (included), the sound is audible only to pets, finally turn on the switch and it can work well. When you encounter a dog that tries to attack you, you take out this "super-weapon" ultrasonic drive dog and launch ultrasonic waves to the dog..
【Dog Training】Except as a pet training tool, it also can prevent you from dog attacks, fit for training many kinds of dogs, such as pets, dogs in police and shepherding, suitable for outdoor work, travel and security night patrol. So stop hesitating and make your pet obey today..
Imported from USA.
【How to use】

(1) Ultrasonic driving dog can illuminate: Turn the gear
selection switch below the product to “Light”, press the “ON”
button on the top of the product, then use it as a flashlight.

(2) How to train the dogs by using the ultrasonic dog driver:
toggle the gear selection switch below the product to the “Train”
file and press the button on the top of the product to switch
“ON”. The machine can send out ultrasonic waves. At this time,
you can perform the dog training.

(3) Ultrasonic dog driver: drive the gear selection switch below
the product to the “Chaser” file, press the button switch “ON” at
the top of the product, and use it against the dog, the evil dog
will flee.


- Material: ABS

- Color: Black

-Sound pressure: 125 dB/30cm

-Size: approx. 130(L) mm x 40(W) mm x 25(D) mm

-Powered by: 9V battery

-Available distance: within 33 feet


●When the unit is not in use, please set the gear selection
switch to “Chaser” position to avoid power consumption.

●Please allow slight differences of the size due to manual

●Dog repeller can work on most dogs, but sometimes it won't work
on those giant dogs.

●If the light gets dim, please change the batteries timely.

● In the drive dog mode, do not press the switch for a long time
due to strong power and large power consumption. Generally, press
the switch for 3-5 seconds. Release the switch and press it

●This product emits strong ultrasonic power. Do not touch the
human ear when using it.


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