Athlete massage gun, 6 strong elastic heads, hand-held deep tissue massager

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  1. Massage gun, The Le6 massage gun percussion 5cm muscle relief deeper than normal about 2cm. Equipped with YAMHA MINI 55 BRUSHLESS motor and LG 25.2V powerful battery..Great for personal use as well as being one of the best massage gun for Athletes.
  2. Mucle massage gun, Quite quiet 20~60dB during working. Powerful brushless motor with quiet glide technology allows you to get a low noise yet intense massage.Motor power from 1300 to 3,200 rpm meet different muscle group, provide great deep tissue massage.
  3. Handheld percussion massage gun, ergonomic silicone handle design can effectively prevent slipping and make it easy to grasp.
  4. Deep tissue massage gun, with lightweight design with carrying case, simplifying storage and transportation.20 speed levels, from low, medium to high, bringing different intensity massage experience
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