Muscle Stimulator and Rechargeable Touch Screen TENS Machine Pulse Massager

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  1. 4-INCH HIGHLY SENSITIVITY CAPACITIVE SCREEN: MomMed TENS Unit has a large LCD display, it provides you a easy way to operate your device with gently touch. You can also track the battery power, modes, intensities, time remaining on this screen.
  2. 3 FREE DIFFERENT SIZED PAIRS OF PADS: There are 3 different sized pairs of pads included. Put them on your lower back, shoulders, knee, feet etc. Then, starting your daily relief!<
  3. 24 MODES & 20 INTENSITIES: Multiple modes and intensities allow you have multiple choices for relief your pain in different parts of your body. There is always a way work best for you.
  4. A&B DUAL CHANNELS: These 2 channels can be used independently. With our pads, you can massage 4 different parts of your body at the same time, or even share this comfort with your family.
  5. PORTABLE DESIGN: Thanks to the portable design, you can take this TENS Unit in anywhere and everywhere. Use daily for better health.
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